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Ray Pope’s Tote Masterclass

Next weekend we will be uprooting from our Nottingham & London bases for the weekend in order to set up camp at the Good Life Festival in Flintshire, North Wales. As you will know, we are taking some friends and colleagues with us who’s craft and expertise make them perfect for our Great British Craft Tent.  In our humble opinion …

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Shuffle Festival – worth sticking around for

Late July & August is usually the time when most people look to get out of the city. One festival currently taking place in London’s Mile End is one reason why you may want to stick around.

You might remember that we blogged about a winter instalment of the Shuffle Festival in February & next weekend they return for three days of …

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Lynch, Warhol, Burroughs Poster David Lynch - Factories David Lynch - Factories

David Lynch – Factories

For any photography fans out there or fans of David Lynch, maker of iconic and slightly disturbing films and TV series, we highly recommend the current exhibition of his photography at the Photographers Gallery near our Beak Street store.

We’re pretty sure you will love it.

On until the 30th March. £4.


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Albam Legend: Bernd & Hilla Becher

If you like photography you’ve most likely heard of (or at least looked at) the work of Andreas Gursky; a large-format photographer, he captures seemingly mundane man-made landscapes – such as the inside of vast supermarkets – architecture and crowds. His images are full of colour, movement and humanity, in all its forms.

But this is not about Gursky. This …

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Legend: Eric Lomax

Upon returning from a recent trip abroad I read of the death of Eric Lomax and, consequently, learned of his incredible story.

Captured by the Japanese in WWII, Edinburgh-born Lomax was put to work building the Burma-Siam railway in Thailand (made infamous in the film, Bridge Over The River Kwai) and was severely tortured during his incarceration.

Lomax survived …

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Legend: Constantin Brancusi

Romanian born Brancusi was a hugely influential figure in the world of sculpture, but before we even get into that we have to admit that Constantin is one of the major inspirations behind our brand new Funnel Neck Sweater (and, frankly, our Vintage Chino too).

Brancusi had such an effortless look, one that seems to exude an easy confidence – …

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Legend: Albert Camus

Having had something of an unintentionally existentialist weekend (does that ever happen to anyone else?) I found myself re-reading an old favourite, The Outsider, by Albert Camus, in order to help me out of my torpor.

The book, as ever, is fantastic – all sparse text and profound normality of the everyman. But Camus himself is inspiring. Born into …

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Legend: Werner Herzog

While giving an interview to the BBC in 2005, Werner Herzog was shot in the stomach by an unknown assailant, with an air rifle. Bruised and bloodied he remarked: “It’s not a significant bullet.”

Such a strange incident seems somehow in-keeping with a film auteur for whom taking “a bold look at one’s environment, even the ugly things,” is central …

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Legend: Gil Scott-Heron

2009’s I’m New Here was Gil Scott Heron’s first studio album, for 16 years and it provided me with a first inroad into the ruminations of the famed poet of Harlem.

A champion and herald of the black cultural left, Heron was a man of razor-sharp insight and prodigiously beautiful perception – whether as the Agitprop jazz-scourge of mass consumerism, …

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Albam Legend: Dick Fosbury (high jump)

Dick Fosbury only competed in one Olympic Games. He won gold in his event, the high jump, achieving what any athlete can hope to achieve in their field. But while for Fosbury’s Olympic career began and ended in Mexico City ’68, his legacy has lasted for over 45 years with no sign of abating.

While not anything like the greatest …

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